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Guns, Ammo, Hunting Equipment & More! | Welcome to!

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ER Prep

Welcome to!

A Manz Cave is your outdoor sports choice for everything you need from scopes, night vision, thermal imaging, blinds, game locators & calls, cameras, crossbows in our HUNT'N Department.  Or maybe you are looking for cookware, tents, sleeping bags, bicycle lights, flashlights, backpacks, and chairs in our CAMP'N Department.  Our AMMO Department needs no introductions it just needs manufacturers to make more personal defense and hunting rounds for us.  We have water treatment, emergency blankets, compasses, MRE's and GPS's in our ER PREP Department.  We even have hunting clothing, smokers & accessories, dog training collars & dummies, and water craft items in our CABIN Department.  In our KNIVES Department we have axes, fixed blades, multi tools, folders, fishing knives, spears, machetes and throwing knives.  And lets not forget the pistols, muzzleloaders, rifles, sights, stocks, barrels, grips, lasers, holsters, reloading presses and all that goes with reloading in our SHOOT'N Department.  We have a FISH'N Department where you can find reels, line, fish finders, fillet knives, inflatable watercraft, soon poles, more reels, and fishing tackle will be arriving.  Hunting season is coming as well has the holidays.  Place your orders now or if it's out of stock reserve it to hold our place in line on hard to get Ammo & firearms.  You don't pay until we ship it and backorders can be canceled at any time.  Dont see something you are looking for shoot us an email, see if we have it, or can get it or find it for you. Some of our most popular sellers are Leupold, Caldwell, EOTech, Hornady, Walther, Katadyn, Dark Ops Holdings, Otis Technologies, Pro Ear, Birchwood Casey, Bradley Technologies, Remington, RCBS, TenPoint Crossbow Technologies, Pentax, Midland Radios, Global Military Gear and many many more.

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