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To use this site you must be 21 years or older. By agreeing to the terms & conditions, you are stating that you are of legal age to purchase ammunition and components.  This certifies that you are an adult and under no legal disability as provided under 18 U.S.C. 922D (1) - (7).  Furthermore by agreeing to our terms & conditions you are making teh following declaration:  Declaration of Buyer:  "I acknowledge this website does not authorize that I may lawfully carry, operate, possess, or purchase air pistols, air rifles, black powder items, crossbows, paint pistols or any other item which I may purchase, kn accordance with my state and local laws.  I understand the legality fo the merchandise I am ordering and I declare that I am of legal age and have no legal disabilities.

Security - Our site is secured by RapidSSL

Preferred Payment - is via Visa and Mastercard on our secure gateway.  PayPal is NO LONGER available as they do not allow sites to have ammo, firearms, and many firearm accessories even listed on the site that takes PayPal. We are working on an alternative solution to this. Established customers are allowed to send checks. We notify you when that service is acceptable from you..

Payment -  is due when the purchase is made.  If you pay by credit card using, Funds will not be charged to your account until your order is shipped.  If you pay by PayPal your money sits in A Manz Cave PayPal account until your order is shipped.  Allow 2 - 3 days from date of your order for us to process, pack & ship (see shipping under contact us)  We will provide you with a tracking number for your shipment within twelve (12) hours of shipping your order.

Shipping Calulator - We refund excess shipping funds collected if the actual shipping cost is less than the shipping calculator calculated if the difference is over $1.00 in your favor.  We want to charge exact shipping costs and don't believe anyone should make a profit off shipping costs.  However shipping calculators never get it exact.  Sometimes packing jobs are more compact or we might get a shipping discount through our carrier, but the shipping calculator doesn't know that.  If you get a shipping refund it will be refunded by the method in which you paid for your purchase.  If you purchase a weapon and ammo in the same order you will be charged two shipping charges as weapons must ship air and ammo must ship ground, therefore creating two shipping methods.  We will do all we can to keep shipping costs to minimums.  If you think you are getting an incorrect shipping calculation we want to know about it.  Email us and I can immediately calculate correct costs for most items.

Shipping is usually UPS ground as that is the least expensive way to ship product.  All ammo must be shipped UPS ground.  See my shipping restrictions page for states, counties and  cities specific regulations. All firearms are shipped next day or second day air only and must be shipped to a currently licensed FFL holder.  We do verify the FFL you choose has a current FFL and will notify you if there are any issues.

Returns - are allowed within 30 days of purchase with an RMA.  Email for RMA and instructions.  No returns are allowed for Hazardous product ie ammo, cleaners, solvents, powders or firearms.

Safety - Please handle and use ammo and firearm components responsibly.  Keep safe from little hands.  Always properly secure your weapons and practice proper handling, storage and discharge of ammo and firearms.